Never Wait In A Queue!

Best Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management System that helps a wide range of industries to boost efficiencies, improve the customer experience and grow business.


RealTime Review

Integrate existing appointments with walk-in customers seamlessly.


Customer Centric

Enables Self- scheduling of appointments from anywhere anytime.



Customers know when wait times gets long so reduced frustration.

Transform the Way Your Customers Wait

Simply generate tokens through a smart & advanced Queue Management System that lets all the customers know about time needed for their turn. All come together in one place.


Welcome walk-in customers

This feature will allow your walk-in customers to book their tickets and get their ticket number in an sms or e-mail.


Know who is coming

Inline Queue Management System records your prominent customer's and the services they intend to use.


Who’s Turn is This

Inline QMS appointment scheduling app and system notifies your customers when their turn approaches.


24/7 Support

Our support channels include phone, email, and customer portal, remote and on-site assistance.

Provides valuable data

A queue management system gathers real-time data about the service, wait time, and customers.


In-depth Analytics

Analytics provided by a queue management system allows to identify key areas that are in need of improvement.

Cost Efficient Solution

Integrates with existing IT environment, Rapid Deployment, Easy On boarding, Highly Scalable and Extensible, Inexpensive to maintain, Customizable.


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